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Raspberry Pi
The Operating System :
Install Raspberry Pi OS using Raspberry Pi Imager    https://www.raspberrypi.org/software/    

Manually install an operating system image
Browse a range of operating systems provided by Raspberry Pi and by other organisations, and download them to install manually.

See all download options

The Raspberry Pi Imager is an easy way to get the Raspbian OS on your Pi.
🔹Links mentioned in the video Raspberry Pi Imager - https://www.raspberrypi.org/software/
🔹Raspberry Pi Build Guide - http://tiny.cc/pi4guide
🔹Frequently Asked Questions - http://tiny.cc/km4ack-faq
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Combineer een Raspberry Pi en een goedkope SDR-dongle (Software-Defined Radio) om een apparaat voor bewaking op afstand te creëren dat u overal ter wereld (met internettoegang) kunt plaatsen om het omringende radiospectrum te bekijken en audio te streamen van enkele van de gedetecteerde signalen.

Met Volgende info kan je gemakelijk een openwebsdr instaleren op de Raspberry pi
The full tutorial is available here (11 pdf files)
Update : part 2 (6/3/2021)
  • RPI part 1-V1.2 Presentation and 1st use;
  • RPI part 2-V1.2 Traffic software Installation FLDIGI, WSJT-X etc;
  • RPI part 3-V1.3 Using RTL-SDR Key;
  • RPI part 4-V1.0 Using the Raspbian Lite operating system without GUI;
  • RPI part 5-V1.0 Basic commands, file access rights and WSPR;
  • RPI part 6-V3    OpenwebRX by Jakob DD5JFK (new);
  • RPI part 7-V1.0 r2could and radiosonde auto rx;
  • RPI part 8-V1.2 HamPi 1.2 and RadioPI;
  • RPI part 9-V1.0 Radio test with Rpitx;
  • RPI part 10-V1.0 Streaming server with Rtl sdr.
  • RPI part 11-V1.0 Remote station with HamVoIP
  • To be continued…
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